Quality selection of macadamia nut.

Main features

• Built in stainless steel and food grade polymeric materials.
• Transport over roller belt.
• Vision with two high-resolution digital camera.
• SLong life LED strobe lights.
• Electronics in a sealed air-conditioned box.
• Controlled by a sole PC working with Windows.
• Pneumatic expulsión system with three exits.
• Adequate for macadamia nut, analysing 100% of the fruit.
• Possibility of remote conexión with the Communications Options.
• Simple and versatile handling through a tactile screen.
• Estimated production: up to 6.000 kg/h ,thanks to the Auto-regulación.

Technical features

• Operating voltage: 230 Vac. ±10% PH, 50/60Hz.
• Power: 4.5 Kw.
• Air supply: 900 l/min for load 70% and a 35% of expulsión.
• Operating Temperatura / storage:10~45ºC / 5~50ºC.
• Operating Relative Humidity / storage: 80% non-condensing.
• Pneumatic Pressure connection: 8 bar. Requiered for use: 6 bar.
• Weight (kg): 800 Kg.


3 exitsAnalysis of defectsLimitation of ejectionAuto-Adjustment of ProductionCommunications OptionsTele-maintenanceRevisions an Software update

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