S30 B

Sorting machine for selection of elaborated olives by quality, based on color, intensity, broken and badly pitted (out of the major axis).

mosaico aceituna

Main features

• Built in stainless steel and polymeric materials adequate for working with food
• Transport over roller belt
• Feed by a belt loading system
• Vision with a high-resolution digital camera
• Long life LED strobe lights
• Electronics in a sealed air-conditioned box
• Controlled by a sole PC working with Windows
• Pneumatic expulsion system with two exits
• Possibility of remote connexion with the Communications Option
• Simple and versatile handling through a tactile screen

Technical features

• Operating voltage: 230 Vac. ± 10% PH, 50/60Hz
• Power: 4,5 Kw
• Air supply: 750 l / min for 20% of expulsion
• Operating Temperature / storage: 10 ~ 45 ° C / 5 ~ 50 ° C
• Operating Relative Humidity / storage: 80% non-condensing
• Pneumatic Pressure connection: 8 bar
• Pneumatic Pressure required for use: 6 bar
• Weight (kg): 800 kg.

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