i5 Cherry Basic

System for the grading of cherries and other fruits based on size, defects and colour.

mosaico cerezas

Main features

• Built in stainless steel and polymeric materials adequate for working with food.
• Transport over individual rollers.
• Vision through high definition digital cameras.
• Long life LED strobe lights.
• Electronics in a sealed air-conditioned box in stainless steel.
• Controlled by a single PC working with windows.
• Pneumatic ejection system with 6 outputs.
• Adequate for all kind of cherries.
• It allows sorting and calibration of any fruit that is able to rotate on any of its axis, as tomato, cherry, plum, apricot or medlar, up to a 50mm diameter.
• Includes table for it to separate the cherries and the manual exits.
• Possibility of a remote connection with the Communications Option.
• Simple and versatile handling through a tactile screen.

Technical features

• Operating voltage: 230 VAC. ±10% PH, 50/60Hz
• Power: 4 kW
• Operating / storage temperature: 10~45ºC/ 5~50ºC.
• Relative operating / storage humidity: 80% non condensing.
• Pneumatic pressure for connection: 6 bar
• Pneumatic pressure for operating: 4 bar
• Weight: 770 Kg.
• Production (cherry): 150,000 fruits/hour for a 70% load.

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