Densexplorer 750/1100

Equipment for the measurement of apparent density in ceramic tiles by X-ray absorption.

Software features:

• Software specially designed for easy control of the equipment and adapted to the ceramic sector.
• It allows to obtain maps of apparent density distribution of the whole piece both raw and cooked.
• It allows to obtain information of the thickness, pressure/load and distribution of mass.
• Detection of specific defects related to the apparent density distribution.
• Study of piece sections selected by the user.
• Quick comparison between pieces of the same press.
• Export of production data via USB or Ethernet.


• Machine composed of an X-ray generator and 2 laser rangefinders.
• Option of direct communication with our technical service, via telematic to solve any problem.


• Non-destructive character of the system, allows to examine pieces in raw and once cooked.
• Complete analysis of a 60 x 60 piece in just 5 minutes.
• The system is completely safe for the operator (certified by the Nuclear Safety Council) and respectful for the environment (no residue generated).
• Up to 750 mm wide pieces for the 750 model and 1100 mm wide for the 1100 model.

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