About Us

Multiscan Technologies S.L. was born with the mission to cover the sorting and selection needs of the Table Olives industry, where Spain holds world leadership. The first automatic selection machines introduced in the olive industry, around 1998, become an absolute revolution both technologically and economically, providing the sector with an unprecedented quality control over the final product and greatly improving the efficiency of the industrial process; while reducing the layout of our solutions we became a reference in sector like cherries, olives or cherry tomatoes.

Initial success was followed by a continuous effort in development and innovation, applying new techniques, resources and technologies to other sectors beyond olives: tomato, cherry tomato, cherry, macadamia nuts, pecan, cherry coffee, grape, salt, pistachio…; as well as in product inspection. Our solutions adequately combine conventional vision technologies and X-rays in order to solve the challenges in food safety with a single machine. In this field, and as a result of our eagerness to perform in new fields, we achieved the goal of becoming the first and only Spanish company with 100% own technology and capability to design, manufacture, service and commercialize X-ray equipment.

This represented a milestone in our history, now being able to compete globally in the food safety industry, offering high technology solutions that guarantee the quality of final product and the safety of consumers. Currently Multiscan continues to grow, with subsidiaries in Argentina, Chile and the USA, from where we also develop technologies and propose specific solutions to the regional markets; and attending an ever growing number of sectors and countries, with an installed based over 1000 machines. Our passion for technology has led us to become introduced in new markets, shaping a powerful Multiscan group in which companies like SEDENER, dedicated to Security and other applications, will develop.
This cross-fertilization allows us to expand our expertise and generate transversal added value; multidisciplinary know-how to provide practical and efficient solutions to the challenges our customers are facing.

Our solutions

In Multiscan Technologies we have always focused on solving our customers specific problems in selection and quality control in the most technically and efficiently way. This has led us to become the only equipment manufacturer working with three different fruit transport mechanisms (belt, parallel and individual rollers), optimizing the solution for each need with the best possible handling and inspection of their product:

S series: Computer Vision Machines with a transport system based on parallel rollers, allowing us to analyze 100% of the product surface and to sort by defects, color, shape, size or texture. It is the starting line to sort in different qualities through parameters configured by the customer requirements.

V series: Computer Vision Machines with a conveyor belt transport system, allowing us to remove foreign or inadequate material from the product baseline and to make a selection mainly by shape and color. It becomes the entry point for sorting applications in most products or industry.

I series: Computer vision Machines with a transport system based on individual rollers, allowing us to sort the product by defects, size and color in a more versatile way, with application-configurable exits.

X series:  X-ray inspection machines for packaged or bulk products, incorporating innovative rejection systems.  

All this, in addition to our proprietary and revolutionary MVS (Multiscan Vision System) vision/ejection software, make Multiscan’s machines the best option for the sorting needs of any industry.


Yes, We Sort!

Instalaciones Multiscan Technologies S.L.

Multiscan Technologies S.L. facilities

Modelo de la primera V10

Model of the first VYM 40

3 tipos de trasporte

3 different types of transport
(V Series, I Series, S Series)

we are specialists in Optical Sorting machines for food sorting. Know in our products section all the machine for food sorting and the refurbished machinery for food sorting that we offer.