Multiscan S30TGM, in-shell Macadamia sorting solution (NIS)

Multiscan S30TGM is a compact solution specially designed for in-shell macadamia sorting by its quality, color, size and shape.

Thanks to its high versatility and efficiency, it can adapt to multiple applications thus responding to the different needs of our customers.

It is an ideal equipment for those wanting to achieve a better in-shell quality while reducing the required labour, processing space and related costs of your process.

Equipped with SpinSort technology, it transports each macadamia while turning them 360°, thereby achieving a comprehensive inspection and detecting quality problems with unsurpassed efficiency.

Provided benefits:

  • Final nut-in-shell quality increase
  • High versatility and adaptability due to a wide variety of parameters
  • Sorting in 3 fully configurable outputs
  • Reduction of the required labor and space

All this translates into an overall profit increase and a rapid investment return for macadamia growers and manufacturers.

Multiscan S30TGM es una solución compacta especialmente diseñada para la clasificación de macadamia con cáscara por su calidad, color, tamaño y forma.

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