Just one week left until Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect begins

This digital edition will be available throughout the month of October.

Visit our virtual stand in Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect and access all the information about our range of optical sorting and X-ray inspection solutions for sectors such as cherry, tomato, citrus, avocado, nuts and other fruit and vegetable products. Through this application, you will be able to contact the specialists responsible for each area and quickly resolve all the necessary queries about our equipment or our comprehensive solutions for industrial agri-food facilities.

Because the digital age is here, discover this new format that will facilitate business relationships worldwide and in a single click.

Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect Visite nuestro stand virtual y acceda a toda la información sobre nuestra gama de soluciones de selección óptica

we are specialists in Optical Sorting machines for food sorting. Know in our products section all the machine for food sorting and the refurbished machinery for food sorting that we offer.