Multiscan S80 Citrus, solution for pre-grading in citrus

The Multiscan S80 Citrus is a unique solution specially designed to perform efficient pre-grading of citrus for quality, color, shape and size, with the aim of maximizing the production of the calibrator and optimizing the entire line.

Equipped with SPIN SORT technology, analyze the fruit completely through 360º rotation increasing the detection capacity of any quality problem. In addition, it has three exits: good product, separation by color, size or slight defects and separation by serious defect.


The main benefits provided by the Multiscan S80 Citrus are:

  • Line and calibrator optimization: Maintains consistent production
  • Labor and production cost savings
  • Increased control of the external quality of the product: Improvements in the final result
  • Multiproduct solution: Able to work with orange, tangerine, clementine and lemon
  • Ensures the preset production: It varies its speed and that of the peripherals automatically depending on the quality of the product
  • Production information: electronic batch quality reports which allows to pay the producers according to the quality of their products quality
  • Machine Learning: supervised Machine Learning Software for defect detection


All this implies an economic benefit for citrus processing companies and trading companies.

solution specially designed to efficient pre-grading of citrus for quality

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