Technological solutions to improve the efficiency of fresh fruit and vegetable packhouses

The world is changing and adapting to a new normality that, in some respect, seems to be here to stay. Technological advances are prevailing in numerous markets and the food industry sector is positioned as one of the most demanding due to changes in its production model.

This is the case of fresh fruit and vegetable packhouses. Global demand for these products shows a positive trend and this, together with higher quality standards and the difficulty of finding available workforce, shows a scenario where sorting technology and process automation play a differentiator role.

Multiscan Technologies, as a leading provider of sorting and grading technology, is aware of this new demand. We have developed a range of solutions that helps fruit and vegetable packhouses to optimize and improve the efficiency of their processes through the automatic sorting of their products by external quality, color and size.

Among the immediate benefits provided to our customers:

  • Improved quality in the box due to improved defect detection
  • Labor savings in the pre-sorting process
  • Optimization of the capacity of the line and increased efficiency, with more kg of product in box per hour

Our customers can not only have a rapid return on their investment but also more efficient and sustainable production processes, to guarantee quality and safety in the evolving times of this new industrial era.

Es el caso de las procesadoras y empacadoras de productos hortofrutícolas. La demanda global de estos productos muestra una tendencia positiva y ello, junto con los cada vez más exigentes estándares de calidad y la dificultad de encontrar mano de obra disponible, muestra un escenario donde la tecnología de clasificado y la automatización de los procesos toman un papel diferenciador.

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