V20 Cherry Coffee

Coulour selection of fresh harvested Cherry Coffee

mosaico cafe

Main features

• Transportation on band.
• Vision using two high-resolution digital cameras.
• Stroboscopic lighting.
• Electronic heated in sealed box, it is made ??of stainless steel.
• Controlled by a single PC under Windows.
• Pneumatic ejection system in two exits.
• Can be connected remotely by using the communications option.
• Ease and versatility in handling on touch screen.
• Production capacity up to 16.000 kg/hour.

Technical features

• Voltage 230 Vac. ± 10% single phase, 50/60Hz.
• Power 2kW.
• Consumption tire 2.400 l / min (to 40% removal).
• Air pressure connection 8 Kg/cm2.
• Operating air pressure 7 Kg/cm2.
• Weight: 700kg.
• Operating temperature / Storage 10 ~ 40 ° C / 5 ~ 50 ° C.
• Relative Humidity Operating / Storage 80% non-condensing.
• Built in AISI 304 steel and polymeric materials adapted to the food industry legislation.


Análysis by color2 exitsAnalysis of defectsCommunications OptionTele-maintenanceSoftware patches and updates
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