The MXV-PACK 6040 is solution for the inspection of packaged product in different sizes, shapes and contents.

Hygiene-driven design

• New design with a focus on hygiene aspects.
• Conditioned, sealed machine to work in industrial environments.
• Manufactured in AISI-304 or AISI-316 stainless Steel.
• Led-free anti-radiation curtains.
• Antibacterial band, optional.
• Heat conditioning adapted to customer needs: air-conditioned, heat exchanger.

Software features

• New software design for ease of usage
• Detection of contaminants
• Quality control, optional: monitoring number of pieces, shape monitoring (packaging or internal product), weight stimation, special analysis by areas, product clips or ring discrimination, etc.
• Possibility of simultaneous analysis with multi-product or multi-line

Customization / Adaptability

• Optional, production data export via USB, Ethernet, etc.
• Optional, direct communication with our technical service department to solve most issues on line
• Different options for product flow, per customer needs
• Control and management options to ensure an effective rejection (BRC, IFS, ISO 22000)

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