Inspect boxes or pieces of meat up to 250 mm high

Hygiene-driven design

• New design with a focus on hygiene aspects.
• Conditioned, sealed machine able to work in very demanding enviroments such as meat an fishing industries.
• Manufactured in AISI-304 o AISI-316.
• Anti-radiation curtains, lead-free.
• Easy maintenance.
• Antibacterial belt option.

Software capabilities

• New software design for ease equipment control.
• detection of foreign bodies.
• Quality control option: monitoring numbre of pieces, weight estimation, special analysis by areas product clips or rings discrimination
• Possibility of simultaneous analysis with multi-product or multi-line

Customization / adaptability

• Optional: Production daya export via USB, Ethernet and other options to be consulted.
• Optional: Direct communication with our technical service department to solve most issues on line.
• Different options for product flow, as per customer needs.
• Different options for product rejection, depending on your products features.

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