Multiscan S80

Quality sorting of fruit and vegetables up to 150 mm in diameter according to color, quality, shape or size.

Main features

• Built in stainless steel and food approved polymeric materials.
• Transport over roller belt.
• Vision with a high-resolution digital camera.
• Flexible platform, able to be adapted to  latest technology.
• Pneumatic expulsion system with two or three exits.
• Adequate for any kind of product (40mm up to 150mm).
• Possibility of remote connexion with the Communications Option.
• Simple and versatile handling through a tactile screen.
• Multiproduct: onions, tomato,Oranges, lemon,….

Technical features

• Operating voltage 230 Vac. ±10% single-phase, 50Hz.
• Power 4 kW.
• Air supply: Max. 200 l/min.
• Pneumatic Pressure connection 8 bar.
• Pneumatic Pressure for use 4 bar.
• Weight: 1200 kg.
• Operating Temperature / storage 10~45ºC / 5~50ºC.
• Operating Relative Humidity / storage: 80% non-condensing.

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