Multiscan tomato sorting equipment

Multiscan has the equipment and solution for the classification of tomatoes. Already in the collection period as the time of receiving the fruit and filtering it, before or after the peeling process, for whole or cut tomatoes and also for frozen tomatoes.

Multiscan tomato sorting equipment can detect and reject discolored, moldy, rotten, sunburned, burnt, green, below or above the required gauge as well as all kinds of foreign materials such as animal material, cotton, metal, plastic, stems, Stones, glass, wood, etc.

In the case of bare pieces, Multiscan offers all of the above as well as the detection and removed of peeling and stickers. It is also possible to reject broken fruit.


• Mayor performance
• Lower labor requirements
• Increased Productivity
• Homogeneous quality

Food grade solutions increase performance and availability as well as productivity, quality, and food safety.

It offers the widest range of food classification machines using sensors for the food industry currently available.

We offer solutions for a multitude of food applications, for both fresh and processed foods, from farm to fork.


• Maximize production throughput and recovery while reducing waste
• Minimize the use of chemicals and energy consumption
• Increase productivity and performance thanks to its high classification capacity
• Provide high quality and continuous food safety
• Guarantee of food safety for consumers

Food grade machines are not only the most effective way to classify your products but also a smart way to invest in your business.
Food grade solutions increase their processing capacity and availability, increasing performance, productivity, quality, and food safety.


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