The cherry campaign in Spain ends with very good results from Multiscan Technologies solutions

Multiscan Technologies, a global technology provider of sorting and processing solutions for fruit and vegetable products, has a wide range of solutions for cherry processing.


During the 2020 campaign, new products and a series of improvements and new functionalities were launched on the Spanish market, specially designed to improve the performance and processes of cherry processors and packhouses.

Multiscan has a long history working for the cherry sector and knows in detail the high quality requirements applied to its entire value chain. For this reason, its range of solutions includes sorting systems specially designed for repackaging or previous sorting processes, as well as more complex systems for product sorting and calibration. In addition, Multiscan has incorporated into its portfolio of solutions an advanced stalk cutting equipment of its own design and manufacture.

This recently completed campaign has been especially difficult for the cherry sector: the high quality demanded by customers and a particularly adverse climate have been combined with the exceptional situation caused by COVID-19, imposing limitations on the availability of qualified work, as well as much more restrictive working conditions. This new environment makes it difficult for the cherry industry to achieve efficient and profitable processes, as well as meet the demands of an increasingly consumed product.


Our customers have needed to use our technology to solve each of these problems. Throughout the campaign, the Multiscan team of specialists has worked closely with them to achieve the required results, and the final assessment has been a complete success.

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